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As C.F.Martin & Co approaches the rare honor of commemorating the 2,000,000th recorded serialized instrument, we sought to create a tribute that acknowledges the unprecedented contribution to the craft of lutherie and to celebrate the generations who've known Martin as the benchmark for tone.  "Time". . . we're always chasing it. . .there's never enough of it. . .and music requires its' precision.  A team comprised of Martin's CustomShop, Instrument Design, Engineering and other disciplines collaborated with artist Robert Goetzl, industry materials partners, and exclusively with RGM Watches- also a family-owned Pennsylvania company.  As guitar enthusiasts, we came to realize that our passions aren't limited just to the guitar.  Rather, our appreciation extends to other areas of our lives where the presence of quality, design commitment, and precision are also at play.  Like many of the customers in our extended family, we also love good watches.  How better to mark the passing of time since our modest appearance in 1833 than by combining traditional acoustic elements, leading edge construction & inlay concepts, and a masterpiece of timekeeping form.


This gallery offers a collection of key moments spanning the concept, collaboration, and construction of our museum-owned Serial # 2,000,000.